Rang my mentor and he made me laugh like a girl.

I want to go and watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It looks f#cking awesome. I saw a programme recently about how all the people making Doctor Who were kids who watched it back in the day. They are now making it as they imagined it was. It looks like the same is true of the new Ninja Turtles film. Look at this trailer:

Direct link.

The f#ckwitted American presenters seem to make it clear that this version is closer to the original Ninja Turtles comics. Sh#te! Me and my mates at school were into that! Eastman and Laird did a load of awesome small press comics upon which the entire franchise was based. The writing and art in them stuck right into your brain!

Be warned though, the last time I plugged a film on here before viewing it the film in question was Borat. What a dredful film that was.

Now, on the other hand, "Miss Potter"'s a great film. I have seen that. It was great. It made me cry. Different style of film to Ninja Turtles obviously but really very good.



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