(Saturday) Sattybaybee

I seem to get more loutish when I drink lager. My limit is around 3 pints, then it all starts to go wrong. Guzzling away in a pub in Manchester again this weekend I felt myself turning a bit more leary. Not good.

Fortunately for me though, my girlfriend was there and she wasn't drinking at all. Also, she was driving. This meant that we saved about £1 million pounds on taxi fayres and also that she was there to curb any nonsense before it started. Don't get me wrong, I didn't say or do anything silly but the potential was there towards the end of the night. What makes things worse is I was in a bar full of radio people, all of them loving it! So the potential for damage was amazing:

"Nick Margerrison, yeah, he's the idiot who started singing The Twist in that bar in Manchester isn't he?".

What I don't understand is this; is it possible that different drinks deliver different results? I would have thought not, in that they're all using the same active ingredient; alcohol. However on the flip side, they seem to have different consequences. Lager = loutish. Guinness = chatty and then sleepy. Baileys = sleepy and slobby. Cider = mad as a f#cknut. Vodka = acerbic. Jack Daniels = tired.

I've never been very good at drinking. One of the worst things about it, for me, is that I often wake up with no memory whatsoever as regards the previous day. That's not too much fun. Particularly when you couple it with the inevitable feeling of intense remorse I always get after a night of drinking. Real awful f#cking feelings of remorse. Nasty.

Then, on top of that, a lot of alcohol makes me sleepy. I remember once waking up in a hotel toilet with no idea how I got there. I was staying in the hotel over the road and had obviously got lost along the way. Couple that with a total lack of memory and you've got quite a shocker. When I woke up I didn't know where I was, or why. Not good at all.



Yesmans said…
Can't believe you haven't noticed the provound differences different booze can have in all your dinking career. Even different types of lager effect me - gin is the worse though, it makes you really miserable.
Lloydd said…
I think drinking lager produces worse behaviour than drinking a stout or an ale. I think it's the bubbles that go to your head. And it makes you burp more.

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