Scooby Dooby Poo (Thursday)

My little YouTube game continues. I discovered a great couple of videos recently!

Direct link


Direct link

I didn't make these, they're made by someone else. Judging by his YouTube profile it's one of the show's younger fans. Marvin, 19, from Barnsley. Brilliant. He's a legend! "The Best Of Aloisius". The irony is that I couldn't make that video, I don't have the audio. I've got quite a lot of shows but obviously not all of them. At a guess I think between me and all the other people who ever taped it you could probably put together the entire run but it's not likely.

Oddly enough there's another bloke here:

Direct link.

He's putting in a "hilarious" wind-up call. Bit disappointing this one though. If he's winding me up he should have had a bit more to go on than he does. Not to worry. The thought was there. He's had 1,000 hits as well. That's more than my videos have had! Seems a little unfair don't you think?

Well done everybody.

I like the idea of people putting up their own stuff related to the show. It's a good thing. I always wanted the phone in show to inspire other people to break out of the box a bit. I don't know that I managed to do that but the thought was there.



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