Skoot down the back and then eat something else...

So, the documentary bloke comes down tomorrow. I'm a little unsure what to think about that. I'll know more about it tomorrow. All I know is it's a proper documentary company who have been contracted by ITV to do something for them. It's about the internet and the way in which it affects people's lives. They're interested in the fact that I've been doing stand up comedy and have been posting my efforts online, alongside a blog where readers have been offering sensible comedic analysis of my work. Potentially they could follow me to my next gig and witness my success or failure.

Also, to some extent, they'll be able to see how my move from Hallam FM to (*somewhere else*) goes. Maybe pop along to one of the meetings I'm going to and film it? Sure that'd be fun.

Still, like I say, this is just a screentest. They might film it and think "what the f#ck, this guy's a twonk!".

In preparation for his arrival I've been tidying the flat. It's a total f#cking mess as usual. There's a thick brown curry stain on the bedroom floor which I can't get out. There's loads of dirty dishes and pint glasses in the front room. All the life shrapnel that I always seem to have on my desk and windowsill is going to take ages to clear away. It's honestly like a bomb has hit the place.

I really think it aught to be "sort your life out" time soon. I need to get back onto the Tony Robbins thing*. I was following one of his trips for a while a few years ago. He's a lifecoach and self help guru. He's pretty good at it but I've not really followed one of his courses properly yet. That's something I'm about to do. I've got one of his packages, Get The Edge!

Let's see if I can.

Get The Edge, that is.


*I often fall foul of self help bullsh#t. See here.


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