Skull duck you into next week

I worked out recently that, in thoery, you can have tandori chicken as part of the "Core" weight watchers diet. So long as you don't have all the sauce and stuff with it. Obviously, in theory, that's a good idea. However, after a few bottles of beer and so forth it starts to go wrong when you RING THE KING*, half p#ssed and get what I can only describe as luminous orange chicken bits delivered to you. All the, "oh, I won't have any of the sauce", nonsense goes out of the window replaced by the logic that "I've paid for the b#stard, why can't I eat it all?". It tasted very nice but it was so orange it practically glowed in the dark.

That was on Thursday night, I woke today with bright orange hands. Honestly, my finger tips particularly were amazing. It took me about six washes to get them looking normal.

"Oh, that's clogging up your insides now," chimed in my sister who is up to visit at the moment. She's right of course but her being my little sister I could dismiss it and pretend that actually in some way she was wrong.

Hey, I'm a rock and roll legend who takes everything as far as it can go and beyond. My insides can put up with a bit of cancer inducing luminous radioactive colouring once in a while. Listen up kid, life has a 100% fatality rate, yeah! So. Screw them all with this capitalist bullsh#t and lets paartay! And stuff.

Am I going to have orange poo?


*Going to let you guess which one we ordered from. I think they're a great take away place. Despite my orange fingers.


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