Urrgh. I've been in a terrible funk today. I put on 2.5 lbs at weight watchers, so I decided to eat loads of crap on my way home from work. Madness. Obviously this put me in an even worse mood. I didn't really even enjoy the food, I was just in a bad mood that I'd put on weight.

My weight loss/gain always seems to be a week behind. I have a good week and feel the benefit of it the following week. This didn't really figure in my thought process though when I was told I'd put on weight. I was wearing my thin trousers as well! Urrgh. It's still annoying me.
Obviously I need to put in more time at the gym. And eat less food. And have my stomach drained.

I heard recently that you need supplements these days as well, because nowadays vegetables and fish have less nutrients in them. Apparently a tomato is now basically just water because over the years we've sucked all the nutrients out of the ground, or something. Now obviously that's exactly the sort of half ars#d second hand bullsh#t that anyone with a brain can see is nonsense but the mood I was in made me vulnerable to it and as a consequence I've bought some stuff. I now have a bottle full of vitamins, some probiotic drinks and some fish oils and stuff. And some anti-oxidents. In my shopping spree I think my logic ran like this:

"I must have put on weight because I'm not getting the right nutrients, yes, that's it! Not my fault at all! I'll just eat all this pasta and friend chicken crap I've bought and then I'll start the diet again, but this time with my special pro-biotic drinks and stuff! I'm ace me. Oh no I'm not, ruined."



Neil said…
My wife could have written that post... scary!
Nicholarse said…
Fat is a feminist issue! Actually, hang on, I'm a bloke. Oh dear. I'm off to eat some pies.


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