Stuck in the rut.

Tescos is apparently an awful un-ethical company. I'm not really sure why that's the case but I saw some article about it once in a leftwing newspaper so I've taken it on board as an unquestionable fact. That's the great thing about left wing newspapers, they help you to cut through the propaganda and think for yourself.

Although I know nothing about it, I imagine they're just awful in the sense that any major successful capitalist company is. Given that they employ a lot of people they are therefore simultaneously going to annoy a lot of people. Lets be fair, Tesco's motive in employing someone will be to extract maximum value for a minimum expense. If you're at the wrong end of that equation it's only going to be a matter of time before it starts to p#ss you off. That's human nature. So, the more people you employ, the more you p#ss off. Also, the law of averages dictates that you're going to have to employ a certain number of c#nts. If there's one thing likely to do your company harm it's the fact it employs c#nts.

Even worse, c#nts tend to do really well in big companies. That's a fact, it's been proved by scientists. It's called the Maxwell syndrome.

Anyway, my girlfriend really dislikes Tescos and she doesn't shop there for "ethical reasons". Unfortunately I really can't remember what those "ethical reasons" are. I'm sure they can't be that important but in order to show my support, I make sure I express my disgust by always shopping there with a dissaproving scowl on my face.

Now, to the point, I remember when Tesco started doing those tills which are manned by a computer. I thought to myself at the time; "pah, they'll never catch on, people will always want a bit of human contact". Tutting away to myself I wandered over to be served by a human, turning my nose up in disgust. How silly of this "awful" multi-national company to think robots would ever be able to serve us our weekly shopping! "Profit before people, that's what's happened there," I thought, "those things will be dismantled by the end of the year".

Today I was queuing for my food, at one of those tills, with a load of people in front of me. "Tsk, there's loads of people in this queue," my mind mumbled. "Hang on, over there, there's a human with no one waiting to be served by her," noticed my brain. Off I went before anyone else noticed. Then it dawned on me; other people had noticed. They actually preferred not being served by another human.

"No, that can't be true," I thought. But it was. And, no one else followed from behind me in the queue for the computer afterwards. They all stood their, ignoring the woman who was sat idle at her 'till. The machines were winning. How awful! The worst part of it is though that it wasn't Tesco that was the baddy here, it was people.

The whole experience has really f#cked with my head and I'm honestly not quite sure what to make of it yet.

My only thought is that maybe everyone preferred the computer becuase it was easier to steal sh#t? I doubt it though.



Leather Face said…
Is Tesco's the superstore which advertises it doesn't stock any GM products yet it doesn't tell us in it's adverts that it is actually the biggest investor in GM produce? Or is that Jamie "the C**T" Oliver's store Sainsburys? (I'm sure it's one of them, can't remember which but I think I saw it on something like "The Corporation" or some other anti-capitalist documentary - which was probably funded by some corporation someway. Madness!)
jodester said…
read it and weep people... Every little hurts indeed! it reminds me a lot of the Walmart! The High Cost of Low Prices dvd me and nick watched recently, how soon he forgets!
Lloydd said…
One of the problems with the big supermarkets is that they can afford to sell some products at a loss. Your local shopkeeper can't compete He goes out of business. Then the big supermarket can bring prices back up if it wants once it has squished local competition.

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