(Sunday) Neil Young is ace.

I now have the video of me doing my stand up comedy. I've just been f#cking about with it trying to add subtitles as the sound quality is pretty sh#t. You can hear the laughter clearly though. Or, in places, the lack of it. It's really interesting to watch it back. My criticisms would be that I'm too animated, I need to be a little firmer on stage. Also, I'm clearly nervous and my mic technique is awful. Really awful. Another thing, which I remember really well from the night, is the fact that I f#ck up a few of my lines. I mess up the opening gag and then two of the toppers later on.

On the positive side I though like the fact that despite dropping these big hairy b#llocks I manage to plough on with my stuff. I don't comment negatively on myself like I used to. At least not while still on stage. It's an interesting video. But it doesn't totally show me in the best light. It's "warts and all". That's the thing that's making me a little nervous now as I write. Should I really post up footage of me doing stand up comedy less than brilliantly? I half think it might be a bad idea to do that. I don't know of anyone else in my position who would. It seems slightly stupid.

If I do go ahead and post it up I'm giving anyone who wants to slag me off the chance to have all the fun they like. It seems a little silly to give people that opportunity. I'm not a great stand up comedian, I've never claimed to be. On the flip side I am a reasonably successful radio presenter and in some respects I've got a professional reputation which I could easily f#ck up.

Furthermore my YouTube account is starting to develop a bit of a life of its own. Why pump out substandard stuff to an audience who might misunderstand it?

What I'm thinking I might do is set up a different YouTube account for my comedy stuff and then post it only here, on my blog, for the people who read this. The hardcore. The little army of around 100 people who, I guess, aren't out to totally f#ck me up. That's what I think I'm going to do with it. Embed it here but, essentially hide it, on YouTube.

I hope it doesn't dissapoint when I finally post it up.



Neil said…
I can obviously only speak for 1/100 of your readership when I say that I am looking forward to seeing you do your comedy thing. I've read through your comedy diary blog and also this one from the beginning. Don't bail out on us (me) now!

Also, have I missed it in one of your posts or do you not know yet what you're going to be moving onto after your job with Hallam FM ends?

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