Tescos is a good supermarket! It's good at exploiting it's workers, undercutting local businesses and it does really good ready meals.

So, looks like the time has come for me to start using this account. I can resist no longer! I took a look at your profile and well, I liked what I saw.. :p

So, my name is Katherine. I think we should probably be friends, because you seem pretty cool, and maybe even cute! (it's everso hard to tell in this digital world :)
anyway, i'd go on all day, but I wanna get an answer from you..

You should check out my other "space" on this other site, I'm usually on over there: www.date-mate.org/?id=2464&mypics (my username is summers4me72). Then maybe we could chat sometime! you know what they say.. appearance captures the eyes, but personality captures the heart.. haha..
talk to you soon, Katherine

Well, quite.

The above is a message I got in my myspace inbox recently off "Katherine".

I've not yet been totally sold on myspace. It seems like exactly the sort of thing that is wrong with this world. Friends become commodities to be rated, gathered and then ignored. Creativity is facilitated by a sh#te editing package and every page seems to have some f#cking sh#te indie band playing away without you wanting it to. Actually, when I re-read this paragraph I think the opening sentence is a little understated.

That said I do have an account. I don't use it much but nontheless it is there. I have 20 or so friends. Some of whom I have met in real life, some of whom I have not. Kathrine however, I suspect, is not a real person. She's a spammer. She's trying to get me to join some other f#ckwitted social networking thing.

My myspace profile picture is of a pineapple with a face on it. I find it very unlikely that she thinks a picture of a pineapple is "maybe even cute". Unless she's a total moron.

Spamming like this is harmless, unlike the more serious sh#t you hear of from Nigeria where hardened criminal gangs extort vast amounts of cash from f#ckwits everyday. If you've got a bit of time on your hands I can't reccomend this site highly enough. It's a site dedicated to f#cking with dangerous spammers. It made me laugh like a fool, then feel a bit emotionally bereft.



Lloydd said…
Nick, after a minute idle on your site I keep getting re-directed to a Google error message. Anyway, I have two comments on what I don't like about your blog.

I don't like the seemingly random titles. I dislike disorder.

I don't like more than one blog for each day.

Please consider,

Jess said…
Do you enjoy pineapple. I have a lovely pineapple reciepe that looks classy but is really easy to do.
Nicholarse said…
No idea what the error message thing is about. The titles have a logic to them but they're more there for my own use. I only ever do one update for each day, although sometimes when I'm catching up with myself I'll post several all in one day.

Pineapple is nice but not my favourite fruit. The pineapple in question was my girlfriend's we were on a train at the time.

Well done everybody.


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