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There's going to be a Real surprise... (Saturday)

Here's a picture which is really important to this story but equally incomprehensible:

As I drove away from work yesterday I felt something looking at me, really intently. It's quite a strange feeling but I'm sure you've felt it yourself. I had a look around and noticed that it was a little bunny rabbit sat under a tree. It was staring right at me. Moving gently on the spot as it breathed in and out. Its eyes looking particularly at me. I felt an odd mixture of curiosity and slight fear as it looked right at me, like a human would.

What would it be like to be inside that rabbit's head. Thinking with the same brain it uses. Imagine if you could experience that for just one hour, you'd never be the same again. It would turn the whole game around. Even just to live in the mind of another human being for a bit would be a head stretch, imagine what it'd be like if you were a rabbit. How would its eyes see the world? What would it feel like to have the limbs of a rabbit? Be the same size as a rabbit? Madness. But, that's exactly the experience the rabbit is going through right now. That's it reality. One it shares with me and you. And its only way of communicating that is to stare at me. Like it does in that photo. Or not.

There's loads of rabbits living outside Hallam FM, they've been there for years. Usually they'll run off when they notice you, occasionally they'll glance at you for a bit beofre doing so, rarely do they stare you out. I took out my camera phone, put it on night mode and snapped the above picture of a pitch black chaotic nothingness. I can make out the rabbit in there but I doubt anyone else can. My intent was to preserve its penetrating gaze and pass it on to you via the internet. I'm not convinced I've achieved that aim. I thought at the time that I'd screwed up so I decided to take a picture of another rabbit that was much further away and not in the slightest bit interested in me. My thought process went like this; "I'll lie and tell people that this was the rabbit that stared me out". Unfortunately the second picture is also pretty sh#t:

Not to worry eh?



Jess said...

Suprise , suprise, the unexpected hits you between the eyes... I like your blog Nick, what you write, but I love the unexplained "titles" even more....

Nicholarse said...

Don't read too much into them, they're just a bit of fun.


Jess said...

I won't read too much into them...that would be Really stupid.

Leather Face said...

I just thought you were taking from "Frasier" by adding a title in the maner that you do.

By the way I don't know which episodes of "Frasier" you watched were he wasn't waring HeadPhones during his show? As I'm a pretty regular viewer of "Frasier" on Paramount Comedy and he wares headphones on all the episodes I've viewed when he his hosting his show???

Jess said...

Is Frasier any good? I've not seen much.

Leather Face said...

Hi Jess

As I recall from Nick's phone in, you work on TV so don't bother to watch it as you know what crap it throws out?

Well fortunately TV dos show the odd decent programme now and then and "Frasier" happens to be one of them. Although it's way inferior to "Cheers" which was the programme it spun from. Incidently if you haven't watched "Chers" then that I can fully recommend.

Jess said...

I'm going to immerse myself in "Frasier" for fun and see what I think.

Anonymous said...

Seems like quite the old boys' reunion he's putting together up there.

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