Things not happening and things...

Today I popped to the Lescar to see my mate Toby Foster. He was telling me about his trip to Afganistan;

"Fo#kin' 'ell mate, suicide bombers; one bloke tried to blow us up with a rocket launcher! Carnage! So I decided to leave Barnsley and go to Afganistan..."

Toby is a first class talker and he's got a natural easy wit. It was good to see him, all in one piece. I can't imagine what it would be like over in the most dangerous warzone in the world. I still don't understand why he agreed to go, I'd never go somewhere like that. Horrible, scary, madness.

Talking of madness I've put up a new YouTube video. Please rate it 5 stars, if you're a YouTube member, and put nice things in the comments bit. On average my YouTube videos get just under 100 views a week now. That's not bad going for a small scale TV channel which is based in my bedroom.

Here's the video:

Direct link.

I particularly like this video as it shows me putting forward my "life philosophy".



Lloydd said…
You can enjoy reading a book even if someone has told you the meaning already. You could enjoy life even though you know it's meaning already.

Does God know the meaning of his life? Is that why he is such a miserable focker?
Nicholarse said…
I think your enjoyment of the book would be tainted, at least, if someone else told you the meaning of it before you'd finished. Surely it's up to the reader to decide what the book means to them?

As for enjoying life when you know the meaning, no one knows the meaning of it all so it's a mute point.

lw said…
How did the Chris Moyles thing begin, Nick? Any idea how he came across your show?
Anonymous said…
Enjoyed hearing some of your "life philosophies" on LBC Nick. Once Bill Buckley realised you weren't a wind-up he fell a little bit in love with you !

Nicholarse said…
I'd best keep quiet about other radio stations for the moment. Surely I've explained the Moyles thing elsewhere in this blog?

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