Thor the Thunder God ate a big pie (Monday)

Monday's Dog, a picture I took in Manchester while I was wandering with my girlfriend. I think this is a Jack Russell Terrier, if it is then it has a "GUARD DOG SKILL 5" according to my Dog Top Trumps cards. That's not putting it off its sense of duty though, look it's guarding the gate. If I were to try and break into that house that little dog there would f#ck me up like a mental! Good job I've learned to respect our K-9 counterparts.

I did my stand up comedy at The Frog And Bucket, on "Beat The Frog" night. It's a gong show where, if people get bored, you get removed from the stage. They do this by giving three people cards which they hold up once they've had enough.

Toby Hadoke was the compare. The last time I saw him he was doing his Doctor Who show bit on Robin Ince's book club up in Edingburgh. It was brilliant. He was a good compare for the night but, in my opinion, a better comedian than he is compare. The last time I was here Dan Nightingale totally blew me away with his compare skills. Like that night, this one was "wacky" in itself as various different acts did what they approximated to be "comedy" on the stage. One bloke kicked off at the audience in a full on rant which didn't seem like it was ever going to stop, until he got carded off. Another bloke had the following line in his set; "urrgh, terrorism, that's changed now hasn't it? I remember the days when Muslims weren't evil! Um... Err...". There was an awful silence and then a sharp intake of breath on that 'joke'.

All the while I was sat in the wings, gearing up.

We got the cameras rolling*.

On I went.


*I've not seen it yet but we've got a video of it. Soon as I have it on my computer I will upload it. You can then see how I got on and find out if I managed to "Beat The Frog" or not.


Lloydd said…
Well done for the Jack Russell picture. My family had a Jack Russell. It was called Susie. She was a pyscho had scars on her head from trying to fight bigger dogs and also foxes. She had a lifelong hatred of postmen, milkmen, and my mate Darrell.

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