(Tuesday) Can you read my drafts?

The Monday Dog. It's a day late so I thought I'd go all out and whack up a video of Big John's Dog. Legend isn't it?

His dog is called Willow and I'm very jealous of it.

Today I spent most of my time working on writing up The Pat Mills interview I've been working on. Pat Mills is a huge figure in the world of comic books and has been given the title of "The Godfather Of British Comics". It's odd listening back to it, there's various points where I really should have interjected with stuff. He talks about all sorts of things though, and he does it in a really interesting fashion. I think there's parts of that interview which will work really well for a general reader. I'm tempted to reproduce some of it here on this blog later, once it's been published.

The way I'm writing it up is odd, I'm playing it back really slowly and then transcribing, pretty much word for word, what he's said. Now, he talks really quite quickly, but when you listen to what he's saying at a slower pace it's given a bit more weight. I think it's quite easy to dismiss someone who uses words well but says them quickly. What's interesting about this interview is that with a different pace you've got a great orator. I can see why he works well as a writer.

Unfortunately though, time is against me! I'm sorting out loads of other b#llocks as well so it's a bit of a worry that the deadline for this interview is April 15th! I didn't know that until today. I thought it was more like May.

Best get on with it.



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