Well that's actually quite exciting if it works out (Tuesday)

I can't resist it. I've started ringing up radio talk shows again. I just can't help myself. I used to do it all the time when I was actually presenting a phone in show myself on Hallam FM. Now I'm hooked on it again. I can't stop myself. I've rang in about all sorts of different subjects.

There's a sort of trick to putting in a good call I think. It's not a trick I can easily explain here but I'm trying to practice it at the moment. I've also been dropping silly little hints to anyone who might be listening and might have heard my old show. That's probably a total of 0 people but still, the hints are fun to drop. One of them is dropping "Nick Wins" into the conversation another is when I make a point of telling the presenter that "I used to do a job like this" and I'm always called "Nick from Sheffield". Well, usually called Nick from Sheffield. Actually that's not a hint is it? Ruined.

When you do a phone in show you're going out to two different audiences; one of them is the listeners and the other is the callers. No matter what you do you will never get a listener to call you, so forget it. It can't happen with some people, they'd rather eat their own head than call a radio station. Your only hope on a phone in show is to hit the buttons of the callers without boring the listeners. Obviously, if you want to make a living, it's the listeners who are the most important. Without them you're out of a job BUT without callers you've got no show. I've always thought one of the reasons I was quite good at doing a phone in is because I genuinely understand the thought process of a caller.

Anyway, keep an ear out for me. It'd be around the very small hours and I'd (probably) be called Nick from Sheffield.



Leather Face said…
Firstly I will say I'm pretty gutted for you that your leaving Hallam FM. I only hope if your sticking to Radio you begin doing phone in shows again m8, I've tried others, such as Alex Hall's but they're just not has good as the meastro "Nicholarse.."

Not sure if I'll bother listening to Hallam anymore after you've left. The adverts are so mind numbing they sort of stick in my head lots more than the songs ever do(job done :0). Infact I make a point that I'd never give my buisness to any of those damn companies from those ads. Your show at least adds enough dimension so that those ads don't keep running throuh my head.

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