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Fill my little boots up with hot cold milk.

Ye Gods the fever kicks in bigtime!

I think they're wrong and I'm right.

So you bought all the clips did you? (Thursday)

Let me tell you one thing son, there's a lot of fun to be had with articulate nutters.

Bluggy MP3 player's food (Tuesday)

(Monday) Kiss my decals off

Cool as a cumber

Look around

Shoot the moose (Friday)

(Thursday) So you drank all that did you?

Chip the ship ship.

So there goes my penultimate (Tuesday)

Jumble up all the emotions in the world and bake them in a massive pie... (Monday)

Give me it here, it's easy just put "via Leeds" in it.

Cumberland coats

(Friday) The stress technique.

snuk in

Post number 501 (Wednesday)

I'm still climbing each day

(Monday) Start the week with a smile.

Thick fat meckon

All I need is within meiow. (Satuday)

Try to ignore the apocalypse?

(Thursday) Make it your hour of poor

Unleash The Nicholarse Within...

When I was 17 I lost my virginity discovered drugs and went to my first funeral. Last year, I went to a fancy dress party.

(Monday) Burn rubber and smell the smoke.

(Sunday) Good to be back

You did a bad thing.

New playout systems and stuff.