All I need is within meiow. (Satuday)

I'm confused. I would "wish" to find a toilet with a box containing one million pounds and a note saying, "For Nick". I'm not able to fulfil that wish for myself, let alone anybody else. They're asking me to do the impossible. I'm sat on the toilet, this sign is facing me right now as I unload last night's Balti King. As I "would wish to find it". I don't think if I were to make a wish as regards how the toilet is going to look it'd be as mundane as; "reasonably clean". But that's what they mean. They mean reasonably clean.

Also, what about all those weird people out there who are into eating their own crap and stuff? If they leave the toilet as they'd wish to see it I'm not sure I want to use it, thanks.

Signs like this annoy me because they lack clarity. Just put something like "leave the toilet in a tidy state, you dirty b#stard" and be done with it. Why flannel about and put "as you'd wish to find it"? Stupid.

The idea it's tapping into of course is the old, "treat others as you yourself would like to be treated". Again, logically flawed. I like having sex with my girlfriend. Without going into the mechanics of it, I'd be horrified if she tried to do what I do to her to me. It wouldn't work, we'd end up doing ourselves a mischief. It's sloppy thinking at its worst.

Here's some Hawkwind:

I watched the documentary on them recently and was horrified that they didn't have any Dave Brock interviews in there. Something obviously went very wrong behind the scenes.



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