Bluggy MP3 player's food (Tuesday)

"I mean, I must be clear, she wasn't rude" blurts out a fat woman with a thick Mancunian accent. What is it with women talking loudly on their mobile phones at the moment? I caught a few snatches yesterday as well, as different women all of about the same build and age, shouted snatches of their life into the ether. I am honestly not looking for these situations it's just that I seem to be noticing it a lot right now. What's odd is that I accidentally pick up a few of these words with my ears and then, as I'm walking away, I'll start wondering what they were going on about. Could it be that this woman was just clarifying that someone was in fact "not rude"? I doubt it. In fact I'd go as far as to say that's one of the most unlikely suggestions as to what the conversation was about. On one level at least this woman had obviously implied that the person was rude, hence the need to clear that up.

Furthermore though, one of the tennents of NLP* is that the human mind cannot subconsciously process a negative thought. So even if this woman really thought she was making it clear that the person she was on about wasn't rude, the simple act of doing so implied the opposite on a subconscious level.

Still lets be fair, if you were introduced to someone with only that piece of information you'd be suspicious would you? Here's Lisa, I'm going to leave you alone in a room with her for a bit and, I must be clear, she isn't rude, ok? What would you think of Lisa? What would you expect?

I can't think how this woman preceeded that sentence and retained her integrity.

I'm ringing to complain about the stripper you sent for my son's stag do, "I mean, I must be clear, she wasn't rude".

I'm ringing about your daughter, she didn't turn up to school today, there was a girl who signed in during registration this morning but "I mean, I must be clear, she wasn't Rude". It was one of her friends impersonating her.

I'm over analysing it, of course. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly I can't help but be intrigued by an incomplete story and secondly I thought it'd make for a good blog entry.


*NLP - a pseudoscience. Not in fact proven. Important only because people think it is. How ironic.


Lloydd said…
Not that I'm being rude, but you thought wrong.
Neil said…
Have you seen this? Saw it and thought of you.

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