Chip the ship ship.

I've done my last show on Hallam FM. It's quite an odd feeling. I've worked there for just under 6 years and now I never need enter that building again. What's odd about it is that unlike any normal workplace there's been no recognition of the fact that I've worked there for so long. No letter thanking me for the time I've spent there. Nothing. They've not spoken to me at all. I wasn't even ever actually officially sacked, it was just a swift phone call from some bloke who works in Leeds.

So, I locked up the building on my own as usual and got in my car and drove off home.

I don't feel sad about it particularly just a little surprised at how harsh people can be. I genuinely feel that I gave Hallam FM some great output and I know I gave it some good audience figures I imagine that sort of thing should just be a reward in itself.

I like to think that I managed to connect with a few people who listened to Hallam FM at the time and I hope they won't forget that. I won't. You never know, perhaps it'll be possible for you to listen to my show again at some point. I hope so.



James Piekos said…
The best people will always pull through. I know you'll come out of this a better broadcaster. You're a rare talent and an inspiration.
Shitegeist said…
Fuck 'em.
Anonymous said…
Bless ya Nick.

I was only at Hallam for 1 year or so and the same happened to me when I left - and it upset me too.

Find it hard to imagine being there for 6 years and getting the same treatment as I got - and I was just a nothing there.

Don't take it personally. Find it hard to understand tho - makes no sense.

Hope you are ok
Nicholarse number 1 fan said…
Just wanted to say that i think Hallam have made a big mistake. Curling up in bed at night isn't going to be the same without you!!! I'm getting a double bed soon too, there would have been more room instead of us both squashed into my single! lol, Good luck with whatever you may do in the future!!
jess said…
It sounds like a display of human ugliness and it's a shame it ended that way.I suppose you have to accept your's isn't a "normal" job and it goes with the territory.

It's their loss.

Nick wins.
Fred (Sheffield) said…
I had never listended to the station until a friend told me about your phone in show, was hooked instantly. You have given us some great entertainment and you influenced a lot of people with the alternative thinking and debates that went on. Many brilliant characters were brought to radio life on your show such as Jim on the motorway, Pedro the philosipher and Aliwishuss. I think you did a great job at hallamfm and for me put it on the map, a real pro!!
Thanks for the memories
Neil said…
What no comments? It's a shame, but for me your show stopped a long time ago.

I hope you get a phone-in show again down the line.
Dan Morfitt said…
exactly what Pieky said but not as gay. their loss, we all know they'll change it all back to how it was in a few months time which sort of makes it worse.

sod it, i look forward to listening to you on some other station very very soon and seeing the stand up soon hopefully.

bex said…
I wrote something but it got lost. so yeah, exactly what morfitt said but less gay.

It's all about sliding doors man! it happens for a reason, thing'll happen that wont have if you'd have stayed there. like more random youtube videos.

hey, i can't believe 6 years ago, you were my inspiraton and phoneboy was my idol. how things have changed lol!!

best of luck xx
Anonymous said…
I really don't understand why a company like Emap feels it has to treat people like shit in these situations. To not even talk with you in person is pathetic. I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the listeners who have enjoyed your shows for the past six years.

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