Cool as a cumber

Today I went round to Michelle Dignan's house for some food with my flatmate Matt Mackay. Michelle makes me laugh. She's one of those people who have an innate ability to talk in an amusing fashion without even thinking about it. I still had some of the "atmosphere" of Amsterdam in my head though so I think I was a little distant. I've also started worrying about my forthcoming gig at The Comedy Balloon. I'm going to try and work through some new material about modern art. It's a bit like my material about Gandhi but not quite as well realised. It's more of a concept than a joke. "All good art comes from a place deep inside you, a bit like sh#t. That's why modern art is sh#t". That sort of thing. Perhaps I should try doing material about relationships instead?

I think I could eventually be quite good as a stand up comedian but it's going to take a while before anyone else notices. In the meantime I need to earn a living and keep servicing my first love; radio. Fortunately I'm now able to post the fact that I'm going to be doing some weekend work on The Bay in Lancaster. I'll also be doing a bit of cover work as and when they need me. The Bay is where my radio career started, pretty much*, and I'm geniunely pleased to be back there. The boss of the station has a real clear idea of where the station is headed and I think it's got a great sound to it.

Modern art, it's a bit like sh#t isn't it?

Oh dear.

My stand up really needs some work.


* It's the first place I worked on a regular basis that wasn't Oak FM. If you think Hallam FM were a bit spicy with me you've got no idea how bonkers the radio world can be. Actually, here's a good point for me to thank all the people who are making a point of posting nice things in the entry I wrote about my last day there. Thankyou for your nice words.


Lloydd said…
What do you call someone who takes radio show quizzes as serious as a religion?
Nicholarse said…
A Quizdian!


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