Cumberland coats

Today I saw a mate who recently spent some time over with the troops in Iraq. She's a mutual friend of me and my girlfriend's and we drilled her for some time about what it was like to live in one of the most controversial war zones on the planet. She was happy to talk to us about it. She spoke about the mortar attacks and how she had to wear a bullet proof jacket when the sirens went off:

"It would be like a dull thudding noise, the mortar. You'd hear it like a sack of potatos falling. Then everyone would start rushing round and you'd have to go to your nearest cover point. Like they'd have some sandbags and stuff to absorb the blast".

It all sounded so very human. I couldn't quite get my head round it and am still digesting the story. She spoke about how obviously complex it all is now the invasion has happened. I got the impression that like me she thinks it was a bad idea to go over but now they're there it's tricky to just pull out.

It was an odd syncronicity in that I recently hit on a really good idea for a peace protest involving YouTube which I eventually decided to shelve for later. It's a great idea and would be really powerful but too simplistic for this particular war. Just pulling the troops out now would be stupid.

If they declare war on Iran I'll use it then.

Like it'll make any f#cking difference.

Urrgh. Makes me sick.



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