Fill my little boots up with hot cold milk.

I don't feel quite as wrecked as you'd expect this morning. After a night of nonsense yesterday I'm still pretty with it at 8am. I think perhaps my daily "Hour Of Power" is improving my overall wellbeing. It's very easy to mock Tony Robbins stuff but the idea of going for a quick jog first thing isn't all that weird really. I think it's just his "wacky" over the top style that puts people off him. To be honest with myself here I'm just amazed that I'm sticking to it. Hopefully this will continue.

I had an odd moment yesterday where I realised that one of the most significant things about being 30 is not the fact that you are 30 but the fact that all your peers from school are as well. All those snotty nosed kids from Primary School, for example, they're all adults now. There's a great comedian called Joe Rogan who does a bit about how this all implies that we're f#cked. All those kids you knew, they're in control now. Sh#t, we're f#cked!

What interests me is the fact that the kids your friends are having now are the ones who will look after you in the old people's home one day. Or maybe not. They'll have probably got rid of old people's homes by then. We'll probably just get our brains hooked up into the net and have our old bodies disposed of as a renewable energy resource. Like in that film.

The journey home is plesant enough apart from the fact that I've killed loads of flies. I've a good mind to post up a picture of all the dead flies that I've squashed as my car hit them at 70mph on the motorway coming home. That'd be a bit of a petty thing to do though wouldn't it? 104 of them I've killed. Not that I counted them afterwards. That'd be really dull of me. I'm just guessing 104. It might be less, there's two squash marks very close to each other that might be one which bounced on impact.

Glad I'm not a Buddist who worries about killing flies. I'd be off to Budda Hell* for sure.


* They don't have a hell I don't think. Still, Budda Hell sounds a bit like Bluddy Hell doesn't it? That's why I wrote it. Ace.


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