(Friday) The stress technique.

So I'm on a train going down to London from Sheffield. An old lady and her husband* get on the train and exchange the following words as they go to sit down, the woman speaks first:

"Oh we're going to be sat right near the engine here".

"Well we'll move then, there's loads of room in the other one," he replies.

She then retorts in an irritated tone; "no, stop making such a fuss".

Brilliant. She took him one way and then slapped him down. What amazed me is that he didn't reply to her. He just carried on and they sat down and that was that. Amazing.

Later on during the journeyI overheard a different couple talking very energetically about Tony Blair, who I gather did something for Comic Relief. There was a very clear set up with these two. They were both blokes and I gathered from their conversation that they knew each other from way back. One was clearly the "alpha male", he was banging on about his kids and his wife and how much "f#cking m#ney" he could earn. The other guy was a bit slight. He just agreed with the alpha. Anyway they were banging on about how some people had criticised Blair for taking part in the Comic Relief thing:

"F#ck 'em, he was raising a blo#dy h#ll of a lot of money for charity. As far as I'm concerned that makes him a bl#ody good bloke".

"Yeah. And people forget don't they? He's a family man".

"Go anywhere else in the world and just look at it: it's a f#cking mess. It is, it's a f#cking mess".


"This country is a little country and it's very, very wealthy".

This was all they had to say on the matter and silence followed until I got off at my stop. All I could think about was how lucky I was not to have to live in his head.


*I'm guessing they were married here. Perhaps they weren't. Could be all sorts of extra nonsense to their story which I am unaware of. Probably were married though.


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