Give me it here, it's easy just put "via Leeds" in it.

I have a f#ck of a lot to do this week. Firstly, it's my final week at Hallam FM. That means I've got to make sure I archive all the audio and stuff that exists on my computer at work. All the old talkshow stuff as well as my word documents and afternoon show idents. That's quite alot of stuff I need to get onto my little pen drive. I think I'll use my ipod as well.

Once that's sorted I need to make sure everyone knows what they're doing as far as my mate's stag do goes. We're pootling off to Amsterdam. I'm not a big fan of going abroad but it's not my stag do so there we are. I'm sure it'll make for a few interesting blog entries when I return. It'll also provide some good material for the forthcoming best man speech.

As well as that I need to sort out some new promo shots for a station I'm working at on the weekends. I'm not a fan of promo shots. It's very hard to pose for a presenter picture without feeling like a total twonk. It's even harder to pose for one without looking like a total twonk.

Many people thought that my aversion to promo shots at Hallam FM was down to my fear that I'd be recognised and hassled in real life, due to the "controversial nature" of the show. That was k#ck on two levels. Firstly, the show was not controversial. It was just a conversation between friends. It'd get heated, but then don't you and your friends engage in debates? I know I do.

Secondly I'm a bit old fashioned in my thoughts on radio. I feel that a radio presenter is a voice and not a face. The face can f#ck up a voice. I've got a good voice but my face is quite ordinary. It always seems a shame to me to f#ck up the voice with my cheesy face.

Also I'm not a fan of having my photo taken. Most people aren't. Imagine having it then projected about as a marketing tool. Arrgh. Not fun.

That said it's part of the job nowadays so I'll pose for a picture tomorrow and send it over to them via email.



Anonymous said…
whats the station Nic? have you got anything else lined up?

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