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We enjoy the atmosphere of Amsterdam a little in the morning and then fly over the ocean in a plane. I just have to switch off my mind as regards things like this. You're in a f#cking plane. You're flying. That's insane. Totally insane. Look at those wings, look how flimsy they are. Unbelievable. The last time I got in a plane it was again on a trip to Amsterdam, read a full account of it here. This time I'm a little less concerned about death. There would, after all, be worse ways to go. No need to be morbid but I'm sure you could name five worse deaths than a plane crash.

We're going back on the saturday in order to keep costs down. All in, I'd guess the weekend has cost about £200. Not a bad pricetag. That's accomodation and beer and so forth included.

I'm reading "The Sandman" to myself. I've never really gotten into this comic book. I'm reading one of the later ones. Neil Gaimen is a talented writer, no doubt about that. He's also a prolific blogger. To me that's a sign of good character. Anyone who blogs must be pretty okay, right?

I read a recent article by some media mumbler who said that in the future people won't trust other people if they don't write a blog. I wonder if that's true? I certainly warmed to Richard Herring thanks to his blog "Warming Up" which has apparently been nominated as "Arts and Entertainment Blog of The Year for ask.com". I hope it wins. It's the inspiration for this blog.

Once I arrive back in England I get that insane sense of patriotism which always infects me on returning to my homeland. They use normal money. They speak English. Lovely.



Lloydd said…
I wouldn't trust a person who loved another country more than the country of their birth.
Nicholarse said…
Why not? That surprises me actually. Supposing you'd been born in a really horrible country?

That doesn't make any sense in fact.


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