(Monday) Burn rubber and smell the smoke.

Here's today's Monday dog, it's called "the patio dog". My girlfriend took the picture for me, I think on her camera phone. As a consequence I'm a little short on information about this little fella. Looks cool doesn't he? If you've never sent me a picture of your dog perhaps now is the time to do so! Email nick@hallamfm.co.uk and I'll pop it up on next week's monday dog. Or, if you've already submitted your own dog maybe you could do what me and my lady do, when you see a dog take a photo on the camera phone and upload it for me. The more dog pictures I get, the better! Dogs are ace. Me and my flatmate Matt Mackay spent some time today playing on "It's a Dog's Life" on my new Playstation 2. That'd be a boring game if it was about cats. Thank god it's not, it's about dogs. Why? Because as I already said, dogs are ace.

In theory I've added a new bit to the sidebar of this blog. It's a YouTube display where you'll see some of the videos I've put up. I'm experimenting with it at the moment. I was tempted to make it show various dog videos but in the end decided I should stick to some of my own videos and then post some of my favourite YouTube dog videos in an entry. Like this one. Here's my favourite YouTube dog videos in order.

Number 5

This is a great video which is only slightly ruined by the fact there's a cat in it.

Number 4

I like this video because it's in German. That's the great thing about dogs, they're all over the place! They speak all different languages. Brilliant.

Number 3

Dogs love swimming, or mine did anyway. He'd literally pull you into any water if he could see it. That's why this video is at number 3.

Number 2

This is an awesome video, what's odd about it is that my dog used to do exactly the same thing if you put a broom near it. What's the deal with Black Labradors and brooms? Brilliant video.

Number 1

I feel like I've posted this one before but, it's one of my favourites so... there we are. Great video. Dogs are able to inspire. Like this one.


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