(Monday) Kiss my decals off

Today I heard two distinct snatches of conversation from two different people one their mobile phones, they were about ten minutes apart from each other.

One of them said: "yeah, the kemo hasn't been as effective as we would have hoped so ..."

I didn't stand around to listen to the conversation but she was projecting it quite loudly across the shop we were in. I'd have thought that sort of conversation would be better left until later and not had on the shop floor of, I think, Marks & Spencers. I presume she was talking about someone else's kemotherapy. Very odd.

The other snatch of conversation I heard was this: "and you'll never guess what he said, he said, 'I'm not paying your television licence as well'. I couldn't believe it..."

Now that's really odd. I've no idea what was going on there. Both of these conversations were broadcast by large middle aged women. I wonder what they would both think if they knew that their words were then written down by me on my little mobile phone notepad and then copied out here for all to see? They'd probably pull the sort of expression that the American woman who posed for today's Monday Dog pulled. I think she thought I was chatting her up*. It's an odd line though isn't it?

"I want to take a picture of you and your dog for my blog in England, is that okay?"

The consequence is this:

What I love about this picture is that the dog is clearly interested in something other than what's going on. It's a true celebrity. As you may have guessed this picture was taken on my recent trip to Amsterdam.


*I wasn't. I really wasn't. She was nice but I only had eyes for her dog. Not in a sexual way. It's not a sexual thing. I've got a girlfriend. She's here. She's real. She writes a blog. Can't fake that can you? No you can't. Well, obviously, you could. You could occasionally write a blog and pretend you were your own girlfriend. Write it with your sticky left hand in the middle of the night. But that would be weird. You're weird for thinking it. Very weird.


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