(Monday) Start the week with a smile.

The Monday Dog:
Dogs in cars. They're brilliant. Look at this cheeky little fella. He's in a car going for a drive with his owner. Brilliant. I'm not sure how I got this picture, it's either one from my sister or from my girlfriend's phone. I've got a stupidly large collection of dog photos. Soon I'll have a dog myself and I won't have to worry about putting up a new photo every monday for "The Monday Dog". It'll just be a picture of my own dog instead. "Soon" is perhaps the wrong word. "Eventually" might be a better one. Not that I have to worry about "The Monday Dog" picture, I still have loads of them left.

I've been exercising a lot recently, as part of my commitment to lifestyle guru Tony Robbins. Each morning* I'm getting up and doing my "hour of power". It's giving me quite a boost during the day. However, he's all up for 5 times a week exercise! I'd only been doing 3 days a week previously.

Also I've programmed my mobile phone so that every four hours it reminds me to drink a pint of water. I was listening to some wacky new age bloke on a podcast recently and he was arguing that all illnesses are caused by water deficiencies. Obviously that's rubbish but it did make me think that I should drink more of Good Old Adam's Ale. It's working a treat. I feel very alive and awake. That's a good thing as I've got quite a few important meetings this week.


*Ha - 12 o'clock, I'm a nightworker.


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