So there goes my penultimate (Tuesday)

I'm confused. I've been going to the gym 5 days a week at the moment and yet still I've put on half a stone. In a week! That can't be right.

"Them scales are 8lbs out mate".

"Oh, right".

I'm in the gym and the cleaner has just pointed out that I'm not as fat as I think I am. Oddly though I don't quite believe him. I feel fatter than usual. Granted, I'm working out five times a week at the moment but it's still possible I've put weight on. I've not really been keeping a close eye on what I'm eating. I do feel fat. And I look fat. Not a good combination when you've got weight watchers the next day.

I'm pulling faces in the gym mirror to see if I really do look fat. Perhaps it's the fault of my beard. Perhaps I've let it get to long and bushy. I noticed earlier on in the gym that Carl out of Neighbours now has a beard. The television I saw it on didn't have any sound on it but from the pictures I guessed that his beard was indicative of him letting his life slide a bit. They always do that in films and on the telly, someone's life is on the slide so they grow a beard. My beard has to fight to survive. I keep thinking I should shave it off but then I remember it can grant the illusion of a chin.

My stress rash has exploded across my body. I think it's because I'm working out so much. The athlete's foot is back as well, with avengance.

I hope I've not put any weight on at weight watchers.

Here's a fantastic video made by my mate who writes Phlegm:

Direct link.



Jess said…
You definitly need to chill out.

Beards are weird and are just something to hide behind.It's like when you put on a mask. It makes you feel a bit odd and detached and allows you to lose sense of yourself.

Have a shave.
lw said…
You could be putting on weight through muscle mass, right? If you're doing weight training as well as cardio?

Bad weeks are frustratingly dispiriting. I'm starting to have weeks of falling back into bad food without really realising I'm doing it =/

I've been told I should start writing down everything I eat. Seems a bit obsessive but I'll give it a try.

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