So you bought all the clips did you? (Thursday)

Tonight I went to The Lescar to see my mate Toby Foster. He was looking unusually fresh faced, particularly given that he's now doing the breakfast show shift on BBC Radio Sheffield. I love The Lescar, it's one of the best comedy clubs in the UK. What's weird about it is that you have a mixed audience of people there who are all very "comedy literate". I'd argue that they're almost spoilt by some of the incredible bookings which land so regularly on their doorstep. Tonight's headliner was the fantastic Eddie Brimson who I've written about before. He's a very strong comedian.

The compare tonight was a chap called Mick Ferry, he was very good but it's always a bit of a dissapointment not to see Toby in action. I don't think there is a better compare than Toby Foster. He's got this incredible energy and enthusiasm onstage. It's awesome to behold. Again, I think it's a case of being a bit spoilt by the embarrasment of riches that The Lescar provides. You sort of get used to the idea that every compare will be as good as Toby and, obviously, they're not.

While I was there I had a very entertaining conversation with a comedian who wasn't performing that night but had popped along with Mick Ferry. He gave me little bits of advice about my own comedy career and then told me an unrepeatable story about some "crackheads" he knows.

some of the bits of advice he gave me that I intend to follow is, don't worry about keeping it short and sweet. In terms of how much material you do; better to do a fantastic five than a tedious ten. Also, dry mouth, get some water and take it up on stage with you. I got a serious case of dry mouth at The Comedy Balloon yesterday and apparently this isn't uncommon. Water on stage it is then.



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