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(Sunday) Good to be back

It's amazing how much the weather can change your feelings about life. Today it was lovely and sunny and we're set for an even nicer one tomorrow. Brilliant news. I'm not a big fan of nasty hot weather but a good solid bit of sunshire like this is lovely. Add to that the fact that my girlfriend got tickets for Glastonbury this morning and everybody's happy.

So exciting was the fact that my lady got tickets she ended up on IRN, the news provider for almost all the commercial radio stations in the country. Chances are, if you heard a local radio news story with a woman getting excited about having tickets, it was probably her you were listening to. Although she mentioned her ticket victory she didn't mention her national news exposure on her blog here.

I've been on IRN once as well. During the fake chatshow guests scandal of '99*. It was the beginning of the end for TV host Vanessa Feltz! To start the story I need to give you a bit of background. As a student me and a few of my mates used to go down to Norwich and sit in the audience of The Vanessa show. As part of that we'd ocassionally act as plants in the audience. What would happen would be that we'd ask a question, a stupid one, of the guests who were onstage. Every question we asked we'd get a fiver. The more outrageous the question the better.

My mate was really good at it and ended up onscreen frequently.

Fast forward to Youth FM in the year 1998 and I'm interviewing Vanessa Feltz. I ask her a question about the plants in the audience and she flips the f#ck out. I say things like "woo- Vanessa's getting heavy on me, things are getting ugly now". She ends the interview and Anglia television are calling to threaten legal action.

Then The Mirror who were involved in Youth FM get the story and it all goes quiet. Exactly a year later the whole thing breaks and there's more to it than I thought; fake guests and so forth. It cost the credibility of daytime TV chatshows considerably in the insane media frenzy that followed, rather like this whole phone scandal thing. Not that daytime chat shows ever really had any credibility.

Anyway, I was there in the first article in The Mirror. But I was called Rick Margerrison because Oak FM had made me change my name**. I can't tell you how glad I am that I didn't need to keep that going. Rick? Madness.

However, the practical upshot of all this is that I was on IRN one day at the end talking about being a plant in the audience of Vanessa. It was very exciting and as usual I have no record of any of it.


*What? What the f#ck. That's such a stupid way of putting it. I sound like Grandpa off the Simpsons.
** Good god. Don't even get me started on that stupid story.


Lloydd said...

Nothing to do with your blog, but check this youtube video. This reminds me of you. Infact, it sums you up. It is your sonic equivalent.

Nicholarse said...

Which YouTube video? Repost the link!


Lloydd said...

In my defence, I posted the last comment at 0714hrs, and I'd been awake all night at work.

Lloydd said...

If this song wasn't real, you'd think it was a Bill Bailey comedy record...

Lloydd said...

If this tune wasn't real you'd think it was a Bill Bailey comedy record...

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