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Live Earth? A big rock concert to tell us all how we should be more enviromentally friendly? Organised by Al Gore? Insane. Totally insane. The artists will of course be flown in via private jet! How can these people carry on like that without being killed by a massive irony overdose*? More and more I'm starting to think that the idea of man made global warming is total nonsense. It panders to too many humanistic needs. The planet's heating up, as it has done so before. But it's not our fault.

I watched some stupid programme today where a woman was interviewing the bloated face of Al Gore, she was saying things like "you're such a heroic figure, why don't you run for President?". He was looking all bashful and saying "well I haven't ruled it out". No, it's part of the plan you d#ckhead. We all know that, don't patronise us. You're a politician, you're therefore scum. Politicians are parasites who sit on the top of ever citizen's bank account. Draining our cash out for no good reason. So there. Now, f#ck off.

I still wake up screaming at the memory of the post I put up here once where I plugged Al Gore's stupid f#cking factually innacurate film**. Amazing. Here's a pretty much word for word recollection of a conversation I had with my girlfriend around that time:

Lady: "I saw that film you posted on your blog, pretty scary"

Tramp: "Yeah, although you've got to remember that Al Gore is a politician and if there's one thing they're known for the world over it's lies".

Why didn't I post those thoughts up here? Too busy farting about I expect.

Here's an anti-global warming video which The Liberal Democrats actually tried to ban in Parliament:

Here's a great bit from an episode of Penn and Teller's Bullsh#t:

Loads of these enviromentalists all signing a petittion to ban water.

Well done everbody.


*Irony overdose is possible. Many comedians in the 90's were affected quite badly by overdosing on irony. Some of them have still never fully recovered.

**Bit like my overexcited pre-plugging of The Borat film. It's amazing I have any readers left, never mind putting on more. What's that about incidently? I've got a good old whack of extra readers in the past few months and it seems to keep rising. It's hard to say why. Hey ho, if you're a new reader, welcome along.


Shitegeist said…
It seems to me Nicholarse that you just believe the last thing you've seen. You see a pro global warming film you believe it, then you see an anti globalwarming film and you believe that instead.

Typical bloody conspiracy theorist!
Lloydd said…
With regards to the environment, you sound like a promethian to me.
I believe in the precautionary principle with regards to global warming. We can change our lifestyles to live in a way that will reduce our carbon emissions, to increase our chance of reducing global warming. Global warming may occur anyway, but why not do what we can to avoid it?

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