(Thursday) So you drank all that did you?

"Some bloke started washing his hand and sort of winking at me, nodding towards the cubicle," explained my mate. "He was sort of beconing me over, then he went in there..." I just went out tutting to myself.

I'm in shock, my mate has just explained to me how he was propositioned in the toilets. Madness. We're off on a weekend of nonsense to Amsterdam and the wackyness has kicked off already. I had to go and investigate, I found the toilet, or at least the one I thought he was talking about, and went in. Couldn't see anyone. Went into one of the cubicles to do my business and saw the above scrawl written on the doorway.

Now, here's what I don't get about things like this. Is that a genuine person who likes sucking -ahem- things or is it just some ars# who has written up their mate's phone number as a sort of hilarious prank?

I don't want to call the number and find out because firstly I don't need anything sucking and secondly I'd hate to be part of someone else's elaborate practical joke. That's why I'm blogging it. There's a pretty big readership here at the moment, I'm sure at least one person will know if these things are real or not. Have you ever rang a number like that? Have you ever written up someone else's number as a wacky practical joke?

I'm betting the comments section will remain empty.

Roll on Amsterdam.



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