Try to ignore the apocalypse?

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this:It speaks for itself really.

The question is, what does it say? There's so many different stories which it might tell. I'd be interested to hear any theories in the comments section. There was a time when things like that would have upset or annoyed me to see but nowadays it just seems amusing. There's an almost crude heroism to it. I'd love to know the truth behind it. How old was the person who did it? One thing we can reasonably guess at is that it was probably a bloke. It's unlikely that a woman would waste their time like that. I once read that the reason men are compelled to do stupid things like that is because we know, subconsciously, that we'll never give birth. This drives us on to do things which will leave a lasting impression on the world. You know, like writing "Tesco is gay" on signs in the backs of carparks.

It's such a wonderfully impotent gesture.

Man, I f#cking love that sign! I really was buzzing off it for the rest of the day. It put me in a great mood and now, writing about it and looking at it I'm getting all excited again. It's a work of artistic expression as far as I'm concerned. Stupidity and impotence expressed in three concise words in the middle of a carpark.

People are going to think I wrote it myself now. I wish I had. Actually, no I don't. It'd ruin the purity of the whole thing.



Shitegeist said…
I find the anthropomorphisation of 'Tesco', thus allowing it the human quality of 'gay', to be the work of a mind on a par with such modern philosophers as Jaques Derrida or Peter Ustinov.
Anonymous said…
made me laugh for the fact it had such a impact on you.

Its almost like life really - a chain of events - someone does something silly - its made your day - and made you write your blog - which them made me smile when I read this thinking OMG.

Tesco is gay. 3 little words written by some sad no life probably and look what he's done - touched the lives of how ever many thousands of people who have had a thought about it.

Funny that isnt it.

Little things do make a difference don't they.

Actions can make a difference.

Like when I helped that lady across the street the other day - wonder what sort of chain reaction that kicked off...


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