Unleash The Nicholarse Within...

"British soldiers at the centre of a massive hostage, crisis. 14 men and one woman lost in Iranian waters. Doesn't take a genius to work out who was reading the map." - text from a listener.

Sexist jokes aren't usually funny. This one made me laugh. There's no morality in humour. You laugh first and ask questions later. I think my reaction to this joke though reveals my discomfort with women fighting our wars for us. I've never liked the idea of women being put into direct combat on my behalf. Other blokes going over and knocking heads together, that's one thing but women? Seems wrong. Seems very wrong.

"Women aren't special or precious," says my sister as I expound my views on women serving in the armed forces, "no more than men are". My sister's very good on gender politics and she's usually right but this time I can't agree with her. I think women are special and precious and that's precisely why they shouldn't be endangered. If you want 100 babies, you need at least 100 women and you need only one bloke. Therefore women are more important than men. Men are far more expendable. 100 blokes and only one woman, you're only getting one baby per year at the most.

So, why the f#ck do we send women out to fight our wars for us? It irritates me everytime I'm confronted with the reality of it.

"Women and children first," that's what people shout in an emergency. Yet ours seems to use that as a rallying cry for those we send to war. That's seriously f#cked up! Surely a society that sends those two groups off to fight their battles is one that has totally lost its way? How do Tony Blair and his mates look themselves in the mirror knowing that we've got our women and teenagers dying in some foreign country on their behalf?

You know what the worst thing about it is though? I was talking recently to a group of mates about the fact that if in real life I was ever to meet Tony Blair and discuss the matter I'd probably end up agreeing with him. That's frustrating. He'd outsmart me and win me over conversationally with his jedi mind tricks. I'd lose the argument (one that he'll have had a hundred times) and feel like a fool. Then as the dust cleared, over the ext few days I'd realise I'd been had. Just because you lose an argument doesn't mean to say you were wrong. It just means you were outwitted.

Arrgh. I'm in a bad mood today.



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