Ye Gods the fever kicks in bigtime!

Today I was Best Man for one of my mates and I'm happy to report that my speech went down an absolute f#cking storm! Why can't comedy gigs be as easy as that? Every joke I did got a big laugh. Big, full room laughs. Lovely stuff. Afterwards loads of people made a point of seeking me out and saying nice things to me. One bloke there was studying comedy and he congratulated me on an excellent "comedic reveal". Brilliant news.

The odd thing is that I'm actually quite a sentimental old sod and right at the end when I did "the soppy bit" I felt a little tear in my eye. "Ah - that's hayfever, I'm not really welling up," more laughs. Brilliant. I'm brilliant.

Oh no I'm not. Ruined.

I've got another "Beat The Frog" coming up soon on the 21st of May. I'm going to crack it this time. No question about that. I've got a good feeling that this year I really will Beat The Frog and last longer than five minutes without getting gonged.

The modern art material I've got will be going right at the end of my set I think. The "Knock Knock Joke" will be taken out completely. Talking of which, I got a call yesterday off the bloke who was setting up that documentary for ITV. I didn't pass "the test of the screen" and they've decided not to use me. Given that it's never been part of my plan to do what sounded a bit like a reality TV show that's not a problem. On the positive side though, the bloke who contacted me seemed like a jolly good chap and I've got a feeling we might end up working on something in the future. Time will tell.

Also, he's said he'll send the footage they shot in my flat of me telling the story of The Knock Knock Joke. I'll pop it up on my YouTube account if it's any good.



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