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Out go two more... talking and the king.

If you ain't too cool for School then maybe School is too cool for you.

And you're covered in stress rash as well?

(Sunday) Squeeze out the brown down

Oh lordy the choices...

(Friday) So you think you can be a chalk star with a geetar?

(Thursday) Chegwin on old used fag ends... in the night... dreaming of truth...

He Really replies. Shame it's not a yes.

Chew on that one piece of sunshine...

(Monday) The main man thinks that...

(sunday) Over there in the careworn field

(Saturday) "Someone's leaving peanuts on the curtain for a white elephant who escaped from the zoo with love"

A snail is a slug with dignity!

So I'm chewing on a break beat spitting out a snake...

Woker into worker

(Tuesday) Tuesway

(Monday) Trying to work that out.

(Sunday) Beat free bacon.

So you slip inside the eye of the needle and then sit on my mind...

Wow - ! Look at all those people in the hitcounter. Lloyd's a legend. I think they're all his doing. He knows everyone in the world!

So you ate a load of scrumschkins

Go to school, go to work, have kids, die.

Scubba mubba

Cubba bubba

Sugar goes well with cheese (Sunday)

"So he just flipped it over and it drove away first time" (Saturday)

(Friday) Wheatgrass and cr#p.

Ungry at midday, for all the wrong reasons.

Skoopa that up.

(Tuesday) Skunthope City Council are off their mash.

Skip out fright, into the night. you don't scare me said The Bear.