And you're covered in stress rash as well?

Jesus Christ - ! This guy means business, look how he's slamming that van of his round the sharp corners of The Snake Pass. Now he's right up my ar#e. Why do people do that? It only ever makes me slow down. Oh my f#cking god! He's overtaken me and he's on course for a head on collision with that Rover Estate. Sh#t. I'm going to see someone actually die!

I'm not a fan of A roads. I've mentioned this before here. The main reason I hate them is because of idiots like the guy who was in this van. At some point he'll be in a fatal car crash. That I don't have a problem with. It's the person who had nothing to do with it who is coming the other way that I'd feel sorry for. There'd be nothing you could do as the last thing you saw was a total f#ckwit driving like an idiot. Human stupidity would be your final experience. Human stupidity mixed with greed. Then the worst bit...

Christ that was close. He almost killed that old man. God. Thank God the old man was quick thinking enough to hit the breaks and swerve like that... phew.

Two minutes later, who am I behind?F#cking matey of course.

He's gained nothing from his death defying feat of stupidity. He spends the rest of the journey, about 30 minutes or so, stuck behind the usual big haul of traffic that you get on this road. What the f#ck was the point? We're doing aboutr 40mph all the way. I can even photo the daft b#stard at one point because (as usual on this road) the traffic comes to a stop more than a few times.




Jess said…
Everybody still uses their mobile phones while driving. I do. I saw this bloke last week driving down the M1 in one of those massive f**k off freight trucks, mobile in one hand, can of coke in the other and driving the vehicle with his knees (I guess). Its bad but he did look in control of the situation, enjoying himself.

I consider myself a courteous driver.
Leather Face said…
Tut, Tut, Tut Nick. Driving and using a mobile phone/camera. Is this not double standards? Talking about idiots driving fast and dangerous then using a mobile phone camera :0) Or where you a passenger?

If it makes you feel better I saw a cop using his mobile a couple of days ago whilst he was driving. Like they say though one rule them and one rule for us.

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