Chew on that one piece of sunshine...

I'm not really keen on 4x4 drivers. However, 4x4 drivers who claim to be eco-friendly, they're embarrassing. Deeply embarrassing. I've just finished watching Wife Swap on the 4OD service* and it was the one where the police were called in. There was a nice clip in there of Real Radio's news service telling Yorkshire about it. The story the documentary told was of a bloke and his family who thought of themselves as eco-friendly and then a crass millionaire and his wife who lived in Doncaster.

All in all, a usual Wife Swap. However, the eco-bloke had a big 4x4 car. So, crass woman challenges him on it and all hell breaks loose. He invents various excuses for pulling out of the swap and ends the whole thing. Then, his wife invents a sexual molestation charge against one of the crass family's friends. The charges are fiction and soon dropped. The eco people look like utter twonks and the crass millionaires come out smelling of roses.

All because (in my opinion) matey couldn't stand the fact that the big t#tted crass wife made him look like the hypocrite he was. Search it out if you can, it was a great piece of telly.


*About which I have various reservations. Cheifly the high price of watching a show. Wife Swap was free but a quid to watch a re-run of Peep Show. Too much. 20p something like that, but a quid. Too high a price.


Jess said…
I've just watched that Wife Swap. You couldn't make it up... and if you had, you could probably turn it into the greatest sitcom since The Office.

I can't believe blokes like Mr "oh fuck I've been made to look like a twat by a woman" actually exist.

Chapman said…
I have Virgin Media so I'll watch it if I get chance. Sounds entertaining and interesting. The TV series on that are free* to watch (it used to be £5 a month extra but that's been dropped) It seems a little illogical that you're watching it on a PC at a cost when you can feasibly watch it in better quality on a proper TV. I watched a few series of Peep show. I like on demand TV, I sort of want all TV to go like that.

* OK - you have to pay for the service as a whole but it's *free* other than that. American shows are still charged for mind.
Leather Face said…
Interestingly or crazy whichever way you view it. Reasearch has been carrid out which proves that a HUMMER (yes one of those monster 4*4 from the states with a 6 litre V8) is actually more energy effiecient (and maybe environmntally too, not sure on that though)than a TOYOTA PRIUS. There is a site dedicated to the findings of all differnet cars.

How they worked it out is the energy consumed from the very begginings of a Cars life. This involved reaserach and devolpment etc. then the fuel, batteries, etc. it uses during it's life all the way through to actual disposal of the car at the wreckers yard.

And yes those Hummers where more effiencient than these so called green duo energy cars. You see the biggest problem for these Hybrid cars is all those batteries they use for when the petrol engine switches off. The making and disposing of these batteries uses alot of energy and is very bad for the environment.

So the next time someone with a Toyota Prius tries to tell you how they are very much for eco-friendly cars then just tell them that maybe they should've bought a Hummer instead :0)
Leather Face said…
Here's the site that has done that energy rsearch for different car models.

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