(Friday) So you think you can be a chalk star with a geetar?

I was in a toilet washing my hands yesterday at Monkey World when I heard the following exchange from the cubicle next to me. It was a Mother and her obnoxious daughter, being had at quite a loud volume. I'd guess the kid was about four or five:

KID: Owww! Mummy, that's cold. Waah!

MOTHER: Ooops. Sorry darling.

KID (tears): Arrgghh!

MOTHER: Ouch, don't do that to Mummy.

KID: Why not? (teary voice) You hurt me.

MOTHER: Sorry darling.

KID: I hate you... (tone of voice now now switches from venom to happy) Can I have some ice cream?

Brilliant. I remember being a horrible little kid like that. It's amazing really that parents put up with so much grief and although I didn't hear if she was given ice cream or not, I'll bet she was. I remember knowing as a kid that I had life pretty easy. Riding round on my Grifter, making mud pies and having a go on the rope swing off the tree at the bottom of the road. I remember very clearly going to secondary school and thinking "damn, I'm a grown up". Something I seem to have spent the rest of my life thinking to myself at four year intervals. GCSE's? A-levels? Degree? Leaving Uni? Getting a job? Learning to drive? Etc.

Damn, I'm a grown up.



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