He Really replies. Shame it's not a yes.

In all the years this blog has been going I don't think I've ever touched upon the "How Are We" phenomenon. Just before I started writing this entry I had a quick search through, a little stunned that I'd not even mentioned it, not even in passing. There's not even little hints. I've never actually used the phrase here before now! That's genuinely amazing. Let me explain...

Back at my old workplace me and some friends discovered the phrase "How Are We". It was an instant hit amongst us but, like all good catchphrases, it needed to be said in quite a specific fashion: "Mmm... How Are We?".

For years the phrase was confined to just a small group of people but, like all great catchphrases, it started to spread as people moved out of our immediate social circle and on to other parts of the UK. The migration of the phrase seemed to take on a life of its own as other people who we'd never met appropriated it for themselves.

Initially me and my friends didn't know how to take this. It was a bit annoying at first because we felt like it was our catchphrase. However, over time, the following possibility started to dawn on us: wouldn't it be great to live in a world where everone has heard our catchphrase? How great would that be? People up and down the globe greeting each other with a nice friendly "How Are We?". Trust me, it'd be amazing.

After that we all went into overdrive, we rang up radio stations and TV shows just to say "How Are We" at the beginning. We convinced one of our Dads to put it into a headline in a newspaper, which he did. We wrote a song called "The How Are We Song" and we sang it down the phone to the radio station "The Big L". Despite the fact we were all of us p#ssed as farts they still played it out to all their listener.

Now the next stage of the "How Are We" revolution must begin. I've created a "How Are We" YouTube video and an email address: captainhowarewe@hotmail.co.uk. I need people to film themselves on their camera phones doing a nice high quality "How Are We". Best case scenario is you're in the pub with a load of people and they're all saying it in unison. Or whatever. Actually, best case scenario is I get more than one video sent over to me. I'm sure there'll be some people who have camera phones and drink in pubs with their mates.

The more "How Are We"'s I can get, the better.

Also, make sure you tell us whereabouts the "How Are We" is being performed. We're aiming for world domination!

Here's how it's done:




Anonymous said…
Sorry to burst your bubble, but are you sure this phrase hasn't come from the matrix? im not sure of the names, but you know those two twins that can squidge through tiny gaps, and walk through things? I remember saying it for a while, not so much now, because I got it off there

Leather Face said…
Strange how you mentioned this on your blog. As inly today I'm positive one of the DJ's on Dearne FM made a comment about, "How are we" today. Only thing I can assume is that that DJ reads your blog :0)
Nicholarse said…
No, it's not something we've got off The Matrix. Good film, but certainly not the origin of the phrase.
Nicholarse said…
It's very possible that the Dearne FM dj reads my blog. I know a fair few radio industry people read it nowadays and if they're using it on air, all the better. Like I said the point of this post is to launch a campaign to get it used EVERYWHERE by everyone. It's not tied to any particular radio station or brand.

Also...I'll look into The Matrix clip on second thoughts. A bit of that on YouTube would be awesome!

Anonymous said…
How are we Mr.M? Maaaaaaaarrrrrrvelous I hope, I was talking with a friend of mine recently over 50 B&H and a family size portion of Smirnoff. And funnily enough as soon as I was greeted at the door with a 'mmm...how are we'? to which I replied 'good', and was greeted with a 'maaaaaaaarrrrrrvelous'.

I'm amazed how the chuckle brothers mullet never goes out of fashion in some parts of Sheffield. Have a good weekend I hope it's Maaaaaaaarrrrrrvelous for you.

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