(Monday) The main man thinks that...

Me at Beat The Frog.

I did another Beat The Frog tonight. All in all it was pretty much the same as the last one. Ever so slightly different but not enough to warrant me posting this one up on The YouTube. I was really nervous beforehand but managed to keep the nerves safely inside unlike previous occasions. My memory served me well but I kept having a sneeky look at the back of my hand just to make sure I knew what I was doing.

Oddly enough the joke that I got gonged off at was the 3 kinds of laughter joke which proved to be something of a favourite when I posted my previous set here. From the comments section of that post:

Lloyd: I like it when you talked about types of laugh you are gonna get. People could not help by laugh, and you didn't tell a joke. You made them laugh on command.

Neil: Funniest bit... the bit that actually made me smile sitting here alone with my computer? ".... no laughter."

Unfortunately that was the bit that let me down on the night. It's never not got a laugh before but on this occassion it fell totally flat and I made the schoolboy error of commenting on that with "uh... usually, get a laugh that". I think I need to move it back to an earlier part of the set. Perhaps even use it as an opener. Other than that the new Tesco material I tried didn't really work and needs a bit of work.

Total time 4.10secs.

I was 50 seconds away from Beating The Frog! Ruined.

Still, it's progress and I felt like a more capable comedian this time round than I did prior to going onstage. My next one is on June the 18th just before the lady and I go away to Glastonbury. I'm looking into the idea of booking a few other gigs which aren't in Manchester but haven't found any just yet. If I do I'll obviously post them up here.

While I'm at it my mate Ivan Brackenbury is doing a warm up gig in Sheffield on June the 6th. Keep an eye out for it. It should be a gudden.



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