(Monday) Trying to work that out.

I once interviewed a Scientologist on my phone in show. It was in the early days when we were still sort of finding our feet with it. In fact it might even have been way back when I used to stand in for Diana Luke, so that'd be really early on, pre-Lucio or Tom Binns*. Anyway, I remember talking to this person about Scientology and I'm afraid to say that he didn't annoy me.

I knew nothing about Scientology and had done no research at all. He came on and told me they were a nice charitable organisation and that I should come down and have a look sometime. I just let him chat for a bit and then moved on to the next call. Like I say, we were finding our feet a bit at the time.

However, it's interesting to note that I came to the whole thing with no pre-concieved notions and therefore did a normal interview. This is unlike the bloke who featured in tonight's documentary by John Sweeney about Scientology... who looked like a bit of a dick in this YouTube video:

Direct link.

Now, the only reason I tuned in to watch the documentary is because I saw the YouTube clip a few days ago. It was posted up by Scientologists who filmed Mr Sweeney as he was making his film "Scientology and Me" which was brodacast as part of the BBC's Panorama. It wasn't a great film and it was a little embarrasing to see the reporter lose it so obviously at the end. What fascinates me here though is that this is yet another instance of the internet's power to bite back when confronting the mainstream media. They had to include the clip in the Panorama episode, even though it looked and felt tacked on. They had no choice but to make their own reporter look like a tw#t because a large portion of the audneice would have felt short changed had the clip that most of them came to watch been left out.

It's like the Kramer Kontroversey in that the internet has set the agenda and the mainstream media is chasing behind it. I think this is a trend which will eventually become the norm. It'll be interesting to see how the mainstream copes as it becomes more and more fractured like this.


*Only a real radio anorack would understand this sentence. Diana Luke, Tom Binns and Lucio were all previous presenters on the late night slot on Hallam FM. I would occasionally stand in for both Diana Luke and Lucio when they were away on holiday. When I stood in though I would refuse to play any records and do a full speech show. Something they didn't do. Probably why I ended up getting Scientologists on air.


CultWatch said…
Don't fall in to the trap of discussing whether John Sweeney got annoyed and shouted, it is a non-issue.

The real issues that need to be investigated are all possible breaches of the law by the self-styled "Church of Scientology".

Warning: To anybody who has not come across Scientology before, enter the following search terms into your favourite search engine: "Fair Game" and "Scientology"

Finally, don't ever buy a book on Dianetics(TM), walk away.
Anonymous said…
I am vancitybcohya and you now owe me $32 and 50 cents for using my video.
Thank you for your patronage.
Nicholarse said…
Vancitybcohya? Are you the bloke who filmed this then? The scientologist who appeared in that documentary?

That's cool.

Unfortunately you've posted on my blog and there's a charge of $30 for that if you're not a regular reader.

However, that still leaves $2 and 50 cents that I owe you so how about you leave all your bank details here and we'll see if we can sort something out.

Bank number, pin number and mother's maiden name should do the trick.

Anonymous said…
Hi vancitybcohya here again. lol

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