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Today's Monday dog is Dennis

Today's Monday dog is Dennis from the fantastic new breakfast show on The Bay. I'm such an old radio hack that I initially wasn't convinced that Dennis was real, let alone that he actually does sit in the studio while Darren and Lorna do the show. I'm happy to say that I was wrong and met him recently. He's a legend! Really, really, really, cute. Very deserving of The Bank Holiday Monday dog slot.

Unfortunately, today I went and watched Spiderman 3. I honestly can't tell you how bad it was. But I'm going to try...

...10 Reasons why Spiderman 3 is f#cking sh#t.

1, Why does he spend most of his time fighting crime without his mask on? The first action sequence doesn't involve his costume at all and most of the major set pieces involve him swinging about without a mask.

2, It's full of plot holes. For example: why does Mary Jane dump Peter Parker? It makes no sense at all. She's threatened a bit and ends the relationship.

3, The English newsreader.

4, What the f#ck is that dancing scene about?

5, Too much reliance on co-incidence in the plot. Magic meteorites landing near Peter Parker, Peter and Eddie using the same church, at the same time. Urrgh. The list goes on.

6, Too many villains.

7, They've ruined the point of Venom, he used to be a big muscle bound loony, now he's just as slight as Spidey.

8, Stupid f#cking director's kid gets a pointless cameo scene and speaking part.

9, Jonah J Jameson's role collapses into parody.

10, The simple fact that I could easily add another ten reasons without even thinking about it.

One good bit:

1, Stan Lee's cameo. The only thing I wouldn't have put on the editing floor.



Il grande chef said…
Your blog is very interesting.
Bye bye
lw said…
She dumps him because he becomes an egotistical arse!

It was worth seeing for the arrival of the emo hair. Got the whole cinema laughing it did. Maybe we were just a simple crowd, haha.

What was with that english reporter though? =/
Susan said…
I would have to agreed with all bar number 2 and 4. The Newsreader was the worse. I cringed, suddenly ashamed to be british.
Lloydd said…
Check out Chris Dryden's second blog. It makes me smile from time to time.

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