Out go two more... talking and the king.

Like a fool I totally forgot to put up the Monday dog up again, on monday. Ruined. Here's The Monday Dog on a Wednesday... it's a real gudden this one... it's Jake the dog who belong's to Robin* from The Bay.

Jake is a reasonably mature dog who, when he's there, guards The Bay with his life.
When he gets in the building he's very busy sorting everything out. Here he is helping get things ready for the OB we were set to do in Yorkshire Street, Morecambe.
As you can see he's got no time for photos.

What's particularly interesting though is that when Jake gets into the back of Robin's car he suddenly changes and starts getting really agressive and barking and snarling. He's always keen to get into the car and his tail wags like mad before he clambers in but as soon as he's in there that's it, he's a changed doggy. Up go the lips out come the teeth and it's snarling time. Here's a picture of him, ready to rock!

Three cheers for Jake!

I've become addicted to a stupid website. It's like YouTube but considerably more brutal. It's called funnyordie.com. Here's how it works: you watch a load of videos and you decide if they're funny or if they should die. Once you've decided you click a button and then they get a rating. There's five different ratings: Immortal, Walking Tall, Kinda Cute, Uh-oh and The Crypt. Once you're in the Crypt you're offline. If you stay at immortal for long enough it stays on there forever.

I've uploaded two old YouTube videos. The Amazing Shrinking Man and my old Fire and Ice video. The Amazing Shrinking Man video is floundering considerably at the moment as its rating flickers between "Uh-oh" and "Kinda cute". The other one though, Fire And Ice, that's doing quite well at the moment with a rating of "Walking Tall". Odd, because I prefer the Shrinking Man one personally.

Here's the Amazing Shrinking Man. This one really needs your votes. It's going to be in the bin soon:

The Amazing Shrinking Man

Here's the Fire and Ice one, it also needs your votes because last time I looked it stood a chance of winning something. I'm not sure what.

Fire 2 Ice

Please vote. It'll only take you a second and it'd make your favourite blogger very happy!


*Robin does all the important tech stuff at The Bay. He's also a jolly friendly all round nice bloke.


Jess said…
Voted..Loads of time .. do they count? If so fundermental flaw....
Good videos though.

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