(Saturday) "Someone's leaving peanuts on the curtain for a white elephant who escaped from the zoo with love"

After a night of nonsense today was a bit of a write off. I fell into the trick of trying to get a little midday nap after the show and pretty much slept the day away after doing my show.

I think the hitcounter has stalled. It was only a 14 day trial. Ruined. I was having fun looking at all the different countries that people were logging on from. And it was quite nice to prove to myself that this thing really does get readers. Sitemeter, my regular hitcounter, confirms that for me already but a second opinion is always nice.

Here's the frozen hitcounter. I've removed it from the siderbar now. It has served its purpose.


Just in case the counter stops working entirely here are the stats it recorded...

Of 941 visitors we got 22 different countries.

UK 797
USA 88
Germany 17
France 5
Australia 5
Canada 4
Ireland 3
Italy 3
Mexico 3
China 2
India 2
Portugal 2
Singapore 1
Ukraine 1
Dominican Republic 1
Uruguay 1
Hong Kong 1
Israel 1
Norway 1
New Zealand 1
Poland 1
Sweden 1

As I'm on the slightly geeky stat based subject of hitcounters I thought I'd have a quick scan and see which search terms are bringing readers over to this blog. Here are some of the more interesting ones:

"revolution beatles's evolution jew" - Someone in America landed here recently using these terms. Whatever they were looking for they didn't find it as the counter says they only spent a second here then they were off again.

"internet becomes self aware" - Another wacky American lands here thanks to an obscure title I once wrote in reference to Terrence McKenna. Again they didn't find what they were looking for.

"nick margerrison blog" - The most popular search term for this blog. Seven people landed here over the last few days with these words.

"lost my virginity" - A Californian using the excellent 'Blogsearch' facility. Unfortunately dissapointment struck again and they were off in under a few seconds. I imagine finding this blog will have felled their timber a bit.

"derren brown liverpool" - Whoever used these terms found me describing their hero as a "smug mind control expert" here.

That's one of the odd things about this blog. I always forget that these words are going to stick into the web and remain hanging here for years and years as I write them at my desk. A little like that kick off with matey off Big Brother which happened a while ago. Or should I say matey's fans?

Actually I'd best not say anthing at all and just move swiftly onwards.



Neil said…
If you have a google account you can use google analytics: https://www.google.com/analytics/home/

It's free and gives you all that kind of data.

If you can't get a google account then I can 'invite' you using mine.

Once you've signed up for analytics you can add it to your blogger like so:-

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