Scubba mubba

Today I got a call from the boss at The Bay asking me to do a week of cover work. Drive today and then mid-mornings for the rest of the week. Obviously I jumped at the chance. I'm really enjoying the music there and the vibe of the station is great. Everyone is really friendly and I'm excited to be part of it.

The only thing is, I'm going to do this video thing on Thursday for some odd comedy project I heard about via The Frog and bucket. I'm intending to recite my modern art material for it. I think it'll end up on the internet at some point and if it does I'll be sure to post a link from here to it. It'll be good to find a use for the modern art stuff though as it's not really stand up material.

I had a chat to my mate Tom today, about my stand up work, here are some of his words:

"You might think your modern art stuff is clever, Nick, but is it comedy? After all, it's 'comedy club' isn't it? Not 'clever club'."

He's right of course. It's a cast off bit that I'll never use in a Northern Comedy Club, certainly not at a Gong Show. Talking of which, my next Beat The Frog performance looms large. Almost like an exam. It's suddenly started to seem like something I've got very little time to prepare for, despite the fact that I already know most of my set and have a good two weeks until it's upon me.

Looking through my new set I really think I've got a good chance of "Beating The Frog". Really, seriously. Fingers crossed eh?



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