Skoopa that up.

The strange thing about this blog is that entries often catch up with you months or even years later. Tonight I was sat on exactly the same table as a bloke who I once wrote a review of here. It was an honest but not entirely flattering review of his double act; The Toothpaste Expedition. They were trying something surreal and new as a support act for the genuinely brilliant Simon Munnery* but it didn't really work out. The main thing I remember from it is a good honest heckle that still makes me smile when I think about it.

The bloke in question was Richard Swan, I know he read my review because if you look in the comments section** you'll notice he's replied to it. So, there I was, sat at the table of a bloke who I recognised but who didn't recognise me. I'd even interacted with him in a way. I was a little worried that he'd get up with his mate and do The Toothpaste thing, badly. Would I mention it in my blog? "No," I thought, "I'll just omit it entirely and talk about that bloke David who I was talking to about this online comedy TV show thing instead".

As it turns out Richard Swan was on his own, The Toothpast Expedition have split up and my review marks one of their final gigs together. On his own, Richard Swan is a really good stand up comedian. He's got some great gags in there, a brilliant delivery and a cleverly constructed set. He cranks up his voice at the start of each sentence like an old gramaphone record, or a town crier. It's got a hypnotic effect. He's works the room like he's talking to one person. He draws you in to his little fictional world and then hops off out of it at the end leaving you no wiser as to who he is. Brilliant. Much better on his own. Here's his myspace profile. Go see him if you get the chance.


*I was chatting to a bloke at the wedding I went to last weekend about my favourite comedians after he approached me and said nice things about my best man speech. "I really like a bloke called Simon Munnery," I told him and he chimed back with "oh, that's odd, I work with his brother". He'd been to see him a few times and agreed with me that he was very good. I was a little shell shocked to be talking to someone who knew one of my comedy heroes personally. If you ever get the chance to see Simon Munnery you should go. I've never seen a better stand up.

**About 10% of this blog's readership bothers with the comments section. I don't know how to take that. Is it a good thing? People are here to read my words, not those of others. Or a bad thing, people can't be bothered to respond to my drivel. They land here by accident or just to briefly check if I'll be doing a talkshow again soon. I don't know.


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