A snail is a slug with dignity!

Ever since my mate James Piekos came up on Wednesday I've had The Captain banging round the caverns of my mind. Wednesday night was a good night with lots of beer consumed and it ended, like all good nights, with his squalling voice cutting up reality for us and serving it back in less than bitesized chunks.

READER's VOICE: Who is The Captain Nick?

This is the Captain dear reader...

...now turn up the volume and listen to his amazing voice as The Magic Band lay down some spicy beats and funky grooves around it!

Direct link.

I've been reading a biography of him recently thanks to my girlfriend's Mum. She bought me it as a 30th birthday present. Reading a book about him obviously made me want to listen to his music and that urge became all too powerful on Wednesday. I then listened to Trout Mask Replica, one of his finest albums, on the way up the motorway to Lancaster. Brilliant news.

I'm concerned that my new "neocounter" will soon be vanishing from the sidebar of this blog. That's a shame as I've enjoyed watching different people from different countries landing here but I got an email telling me my free 14 day trial was at an end soon. Ruined. I didn't even know it was a trial thing. There's no way I'm paying money for it though.

Right, I'm off to practice my comedy for Monday's Beat The Frog.



fred said…
but what is dignity?

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