"So he just flipped it over and it drove away first time" (Saturday)

Today I did an outside broadcast from Jangle Jewelry in Yorkshire Street in Morecambe. It was to launch the new Saturday show I'm doing on The Bay between 10am and 2pm. It was interesting to be in the thick of it while trying to do a radio show and odd to see people laughing at my little bizzare links. I'm sort of in my own little world when I do a radio show and I forget that I'm occasionally amusing on it, so it was nice to be reminded of that.

Before we went on air I went round all the shops in the area saying hello, giving them a car sticker and telling them to tune in. It was nice to see that all the shops in the area had The Bay locked onto their radios as well. It's never much fun going into a shop and trying to convince them the station you work at is the one they should listen to.

Overall I think the whole thing went well and I enjoyed the experience. In the past I've refused to do things like OB's* but this one seemed like a good idea. The sun was nice all day and everyone who was there was really friendly. I think my experiences as an aspiring stand up comedian are working well in terms of meeting people and adapting to situations. I'm more confident in my own skin now than I used to be.

I had a conversation with someone at a wedding recently about stand up comedy. He was thinking of giving it a go and my advice was "f#cking do it man!". If you're even thinking about it, try it. It's good fun.

There's nothing more character building than getting soundly booed off stage. Does you good.


*That's what us radio people call outside broadcasts. I think. That must be what it stands for. You never think to ask though. "Hey, you doing an OB Nick?". You can't go "what's an OB?". You just go along with it.


Lloydd said…
Being "locked on" to a radio station is also a bit of weird jargon.

p.s. I've emailed friends in Canada, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, and USA. I've told them to check out your blog. Let me know if this alters your international hit count.
Lloydd said…
Two visitors from Canada since yesterday. Not bad eh? You'll notice another USA visitor. That's Kristy Kennedy (ex-URE).
Lloydd said…
And that'll be Charlie in India and Stefania in Italy who've just viewed your blog....

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