So I'm chewing on a break beat spitting out a snake...

Mopping the hallway and the bathroom. Plastering carpet cleaner on my bedroom floor*. Fitting a new lightbulb in the hallway. Ringing the electricity board. Cancelling my phone line. All these little niggly tasks are the sorts of thing's I'm dealing with at the moment as I make the move from my old 'lad pad' to newer and cheaper accomodation**.

It was a staff night out for The Bay presenters tonight and I was more than excited about going along, even though I'm only doing a weekend show they made sure I was welcome. Lots of banter was had. Particularly between me and one of the breakfast show hosts Darren Milby regarding how great Jeremy Kyle is. He's as bad as me (well, not quite) for watching TV trash. It's a relief to discover that other people watch it who are normal. I worry that everyone else who is tuned in must be of the same f#ckwitted level that his guests are.

One odd thing about the night was the fact that some of the presenters there had actually read this blog. The legend that is Clive Lee said, enigmatically, that it "wasn't quite what [he] expected". I wonder what he expected? He did however say that I should have a look at his fantastic site here. Which I did and it is, fantastic.


*Damaged on my 30th by this chap with his curry antics! Good man. Doesn't update his blog much though does he? Annoying! I really like regular blogs. This one's good here by Lloyd. I'm of the opinion that his erotic dream sounds quite good.

**A cardboard box near Ponds Forge.


Lloydd said…
I think Clive Lee looks like the Sandman in the new Spider-Man 3 movie.

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